I’ve written a number of published novels, including two stand-alone mysteries and six novels in The Church Choir Mysteries series.

I have also created a non-fiction primer on mystery writing called Youdunit Whodunit!, another non-fiction primer on self-publishing called Self-Publish Your E-book in Minutes! and The Go-To-Gardening Cards, a portable and practical gardening guide for the Pacific Northwest.

I’m the co-creator of a new multimedia platform called Quillr®. My first Quillr® is the supernatural thriller Unnatural States.

Although a few of my mysteries are out of print, you can find them published online in e-book format, including:

A HEMORRHAGING OF SOULS: a dark psychological mystery set on Vancouver Island, Canada. A reviewer recently said, “A Hemorrhaging of Souls is a delicious mystery. I loved every page of it!”

A Hemorrhaging of Souls - Nicola Furlong

A Hemorrhaging of Souls – Nicola Furlong

TEED OFF! : a ‘swinging whodunit’ set during a professional women’s golf tournament. Richmond Times-Dispatch said, “Nicola Furlong is a wonderful new addition to the mystery world…an outstanding effort…as much fun as a day on the course.”

New Front Cover of Teed Off! by Nicola Furlong

New Front Cover of Teed Off! by Nicola Furlong

YOUDUNIT WHODUNIT! HOW TO WRITE MYSTERIES : Improve your writing today with this short and practical primer on CRAFTING mystery stories. This e-book offers simple tricks and techniques, supported by concrete examples, which you can apply immediately to novels, short stories, screenplays, radio dramas or television scripts.

Maureen Jennings, author of the MURDOCH MYSTERIES, said, “Nicola Furlong has written a fun, engaging ‘how to’ book about writing mysteries. She is witty, thorough and she certainly knows what she’s talking about.”

SELF-PUBLISH YOUR E-BOOK IN MINUTES! offers 10 simple steps anyone can follow to publish their words in an electronic book format online, sell it through major online booksellers and receive above average royalties. A recent buyer said, “Clear info and a lot of it. Feel I could do an e-book now!”

Self-Publish Your Ebook in Minutes!

Self-Publish Your Ebook in Minutes!